2009 Jabiru J230D for Sale or Syndicate Share

J230D in Camden

The Jabiru factory Test Pilot says this is the fastest J230 he's flown. And yet on a typical flight, it averages 20 litres an hour and cruises at 120 knots. Just like a Cessna 182, if you can get the door shut, it will fly.

The view from my officeWith over 7 hours of endurance (I wish I did!), this top-of-the-line Jabiru is a very comfortable cruiser, with plenty of spare power in the 120 HP six-cylinder engine for those rapid climbs to get on top of clouds. Equipped with a transponder, it's also a great platform for scenic flights such as Harbour Scenic 1.

We love 24-7163, but the syndicate members now all live in different places, making it hard to go flying. So sadly, we'll sell the aircraft for $72,000.

7163 is based in Katoomba, but I'll fly it to you if you're within 100 miles-- for example Warnervale, Wollongong, Orange etc.

Technical Details:

J230D Panel
For more information, contact go@ivfr.net or phone Thomas on 0417 480 414.

J230D in South Australia